How it works

Automated Shipping

Without IT-Bottlenecks

Connecting your shipping data to multiple commerce platforms, marketplaces and systems requires a lengthy development process that restricts internal IT processes, doesn’t meet business needs and frustrates the customer experience.

Due to the challenge above, IT and other departments shift development resources are sidetracked form the your core focus.

SimpleXBorder is a


The combination of SimpleXBorder & Shopify really is a gamechanger for us. The difference in time savings between doing it manually or with SimpleXBorder is invaluable to us.

Nicola Matthis

Benefits of

Automated Shipping

  • Connect your shops

    Connect your shops in a couple of clicks so that your orders sync automatically.

  • Auto Sync Orders

    You will be able to view and edit your orders from your customer area before shipping.

  • Add Carrier Contracts

    Connects with your Shop System, Marketplace Accounts, Carrier Contracts out of the box.

  • Order Routing

    Route your automatically to the right carrier contracts and warehouses.

  • Print Labels

    No more manual label creation. Use automation and print labels in seconds, with 1 click.

  • Easy to Use Platform

    Avoid wasting time on hard to grasp shipping tools. Use only one instead, for all your shipping needs.

View of a Warehouse goods stock background 3d rendering

Automated Crossborder Processes

Our Satisfied Shippers

At SimpleXBorder we understand that the key success factor for online retailers is a smoothly running shipping process. This not only means minimizing costs and time but also maximizing customer satisfaction by making shipping as easy as possible while ensuring a punctual delivery of the orders.